#NewRelease!!!! Sacramento Dirtier (Dirty Series Book #1) By Susan Ward



Sacramento Dirtier

Book 1 Dirty Series

By Author Susan Ward



When Hollywood leading man Colin Rand runs for governor hoping the publicity will revive his dwindling career, he surprises the world—and most of all himself—by winning. Why he’s surprised is anyone’s guess, though, since things work differently in the golden state and if an actor can make it to the top in politics anywhere, California is the place.

Now this pretty boy from the Southland is landlocked in the capital, trapped between warring political factions and a press watching his every move, just waiting for him to fail. Worse, he has to keep his democratic sexual predilections under wraps if he hopes to run the state instead of having the press run him.

He is an expert at keeping his private affairs private from his adoring movie fans

What he doesn’t expect is for Sacramento to be even more of a hotbed of lust, lies, jealousy, and revenge than the film industry.

And he certainly doesn’t expect to catch the eye of Miles James.

His political enemy.

His toughest fight in bed.

Sacramento Dirtier is a humorous, flirty novel about one man’s quest to change the direction of his career, and a series of unexpected turns that change the direction of his life.














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Bestselling Literary Fiction author Susan Ward is as eclectic as the books she writes. A #1 bestselling author in Gay Fiction and LGBT Erotica, she is also a top two bestseller in the Rock genre, and a bestseller in Contemporary Romance, Coming-of-Age, Women’s Fiction, Sagas, Erotica Humorous, Historical Romance, and Regency. She once explained her success in so many genres as: “I can’t say I believe in love unless I write about all love.” Known for complex, gritty, and unpredictable emotional reads, to the delight of her readers she is always expanding her fictional universe.

Hello! My series include: The Half Shell Series; The Affair Without End Series; The Sand & Fog Series; and The Locked & Loaded Series. I’m the mother of grown daughters, a grandmother, and I live with my husband and dog, Emma. My favorite things to do are writing an angsty HEA love story, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, having a good glass of wine, traveling, watching sappy movies, and chatting with my readers.

For future releases, upcoming book signings, or to contact me:www.susanwardbooks.com
Or follow on Twitter @susaninlaguna
Or Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susanwardbooks/

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