#Read&Review!!! Revenge River (Men of Mercy #9) By Lindsay Cross


Revenge River by Lindsay Cross

His name is Merc.

He has no past.

No future.

Only a thirst for revenge against the traitor who betrayed his team and his country – Agent Jack Mankel.

When he’s handed a mission to rescue a sitting US senator’s daughter from the traitor’s clutches, Merc jumps at his chance for vengeance, never dreaming the girl he rescued could be his downfall…

She walks in the night.

She is a shadow.

An operative so elite even the president doesn’t know of her existence.

Her whole life, she’s lived to serve, raised in the black-ops team her father, Jack Mankel, created. Then her whole world is turned upside down when she learns the sister she once thought dead is really alive; and to save her, Nightshade will have to take on the hardest mission of her life…

Merc knows he doesn’t deserve her. Nightshade knows she can’t have him. But a connection so powerful neither of them can resist draws them closer, even as a betrayal so deep threatens to destroy their very existence.

My rating: 5 of 5 starsRevenge River (Men of Mercy, #9)

I Love this series by Lindsay Cross and i have been waiting for Merc’s story for a while now, part of me knew it would be a big one and Lindsay Cross definitely didn’t disappoint!!
The search and rescue of Caroline Cotter kept me on the edge of my seat!! There was plenty of twists and turns and the action was unbelievable. Just when i think YES!! they are going to catch Mr. J something happens that turns the teams attention another way.
It is very gripping and the WOW factor is totally up there with lots of big revelations happening. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but Merc and Nightshade are a definite Must Read.
Action packed with plenty of drama and the sex scenes are oh so HOT, i don’t know how Lindsay Cross does it but this is another great addition to the Men of Mercy Series and i honestly can’t wait to see where she takes us with the next one

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