Virtual BookTour!!!! #Read & #Review Pull Me Close: The Panic Series By Sidney Halston

An emotionally charged series.
The Panic #1
Sidney Halston
Releasing Oct 25th, 2016
to Panic, a sultry Miami nightclub where bodies and hearts move to a beat that
doesn’t stop at sunrise—the setting for an emotionally charged series from the
bestselling author of the Worth the Fight novels.
Katherine Wilson passes out in the arms of the hottest man she’s ever seen,
it’s not because of the lights, the pulsating music, or the crowded dance
floor. It’s because she can’t enjoy a night out like a normal person, not with
her debilitating anxieties. These panic attacks are going to destroy her life
unless she takes control—or gets a helping hand. So after the club’s bad-boy
owner personally escorts her home, Katherine feels something urgent and primal
awaken inside of her.
Nick Moreno
doesn’t need a headache like Katherine. A drug bust has put his father behind
bars and forced Nick to take over the daily business of his family’s South
Beach nightclub. His head tells him to walk away—but his body has other ideas.
Katherine’s vulnerability, her grace and courage, compel him to reach out. And
when they kiss, Nick is overcome by desire: to pull her close, and promise that
his embrace will always be the safest place on earth.
This was a new to me author and i loved the blurb, so i gave it a shot. Oh my I couldn’t put it down, it was that good!! For me i totally got Katherine’s character, Yes PTSD does happen to people outside the military and panic attacks are very severe depending on the person.
Poor Nick, at first he didn’t believe Katherine, he thought she was on drugs and that itself made Katherine more determined to set him straight, although at this point they just met, but the definitely had a connection.
From there their relationship just kind of bloomed even if it was like Katherine’s progress was one step forward – nine back!! At times Nick was very frustrated with her, thinking she wasn’t even trying to over-come her fears. That all changed though after Nick had his own traumatic experience and then he got an idea of what Katherine was feeling most days, even if just a little bit. It was an awesome read, there was anticipation, frustration and true love and heartache.
Great start to this series, I can’t wait for book #2
USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Halston lives
her life with one simple rule: “Just Do It”–Nike. And that’s exactly
what she did.
After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at
thirty years old to begin her dream of writing. Having never written anything
other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative,
romantic side and wrote Seeing Red. That first pen stroke sealed the deal, and
she fell in love with writing. Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband
and children. She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close
second. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading and reading and
reading. She’s a reader first and a writer second. When she’s not writing or
reading, her life is complete and utter chaos, trying to balance family life
with work and writing (and reading). But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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