#BookBlitz!!! The Woman Behind the Smile By Debby Montgomery Johnson 

Debby Montgomery Johnson is a
woman on a mission. In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” she shares her
personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial
disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how do to the same.
Many of us have something, something we’re hiding, something we’re ashamed of,
something that through no fault of our own or through our own making, something
that we keep hidden and that,  in turn, keeps us hidden, from each other
and the world.

From Vermont and a graduate
of Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,
Debby is the President of Benfotiamine.Net, Inc, a vitamin supplement company
that provides an alternative for the pain of neuropathy, a nerve disorder.
 (Benfotiamine.Net).  Benfotiamine makes an extraordinary difference
especially for diabetics and their families.

Her background is diverse,
from working as a paralegal and bank branch manager to being a U.S. Air Force
officer, serving as an Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon, the Defense
Intelligence Agency and in Wiesbaden, Germany.   Debby is just like
you. A woman on a mission to live an authentic, joyful life as the Woman
the Smile rather than behind it.

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How I Lost a Million Dollars on a Dating Service could be the title of this book but The Woman Behind the Smile is so much more than a “Catfish” story – a term used to refer to someone who creates a false online persona to reel someone into a romantic relationship. Many people are looking to online dating as a way to get back into real life after the death of a spouse, divorce or a failed relationship. We paint ourselves as the “perfect partner” with a profile that reflects our life’s story, or does it? In The Woman Behind the Smile, Debby shows how during much of her life she hid behind the mask of being the perfect wife, mother, Air Force Officer, banker, legal assistant and friend – until life was completely changed by “The Call.” The subsequent rebuilding of her life would include a journey only seen on Lifetime Movie Channel! Like Debby, we all have some hidden stories and like her, it’s now time for us to STAND UP in our power.

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Mission Statement:

2016 Mission Statement

I inspire
women to rise from relationship fraud, betrayal and mistrust.

I show you
how to remove the mask and uncover your truths and to Stand UP in Your Power.

I take you
from victim to victorious…

From guilty
to glorious…

From angry to

You will no
longer be the Woman Behind the Smile, but the woman With the smile!

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