#ComingSoon Their Virgin By J.L. Beck #BadBoyRomance 

What’s better than one brother? Two of course. Meet the Armstrong twins in this deliciously dirty MFM romance. Their Virgin by J.L. Beck

#TheirVirgin #Twins #Brothers #ComingSoon #BadBoyRomance #Dirty #MFM 

Read the first THREE chapters here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/90942473 
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Logan and Luke Armstrong are deliciously dirty twin brothers, that also happen to be Isabella’s next door neighbor.
Construction workers by trade their bodies are to die for. With ripped muscles and abs for days, Isabella finds it nearly impossible to avoid staring or watching them. 
When both of the gorgeous Armstrong twins discover the shy, virgin, bookworm next door has been spying on them they offer her a deal she can’t pass up.
One night. Unbridled passion. No strings attached. What does she have to lose, besides her virginity, and possibly her heart? 
With two men awakening the need deep inside you, how can you say no to love?


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