#ReleaseBoost!! Anaconda By Lauren Landish

Title: Anaconda 

Author: Lauren Landish 

Genre: Romantic Comedy  

They say size doesn’t matter… 

Football star and internet sensation Gavin “Anaconda” Adams is the biggest celebrity our little town has ever seen.

But I had no idea who he was when I accidentally walked in on him naked.  

I was shocked, seeing all of him, a cocky grin on his face. I didn’t know what to do.

So I ran.

Now I’m in a world of trouble. No matter what I do, I can’t get that image out of my head. His strong muscular thighs. His washboard abs. His big, throbbing, toe-curling… Jesus!

To make matters worse, Gavin wants a date with me. He’s seen the lust in my eyes, and he’s not taking no for an answer. I should tell him to get lost. He’s nothing but trouble, and he’s only here for a week. 

But with one look, I go weak in the knees. And whenever I hear his deep, rich voice, I feel my defenses crumbling. 

It’s only one night. What could it hurt?

Anaconda is a full-length Sexy Romantic Comedy with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!

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freeze as Gavin strolls into the coffee shop, moving with a swag that

steals the breath from my lungs. He’s dressed in black pants and a

white dress shirt that’s opened at the front, showcasing the tanned

skin underneath. And he looks damn

good. Not as good as he did standing in front of me naked. But still



a moment I freeze, unsure of what to do, but then I quickly duck down

behind the counter before he can see me.


the hell are you doing?” I hear Mindy demand in a whisper from

above me. I give her a shushing gesture as I hear the sound of

footsteps approaching.


welcome to the Beangal’s Den,” I hear her say pleasantly. “How

can I help you?”


looking for someone,” I hear Gavin say. I close my eyes and hold in

a groan at his deep tone. God, that voice. I feel like I’m lying on

a bed of velvet whenever he speaks.


sir . . .”


Parker, you bitch, you’d better not give me away.




a pleasure, Mr. Adams. I’m Mindy, the assistant manager here at the

shop,” Mindy says flirtatiously. “We here at Grand Waterways are

happy to host D-town’s biggest

celebrity.” I have to roll my eyes at her audacity of putting

emphasis on biggest,

and if I weren’t hiding, I’d give her a good smack to boot.


to meet you too, Mindy,” Gavin says, seemingly ignoring her play on

words. “I’m looking for one of your co-workers, one of the maids.

She’s about my age, maybe a little younger?”


need a little more than that,” Mindy says, and I bite my lower lip,

hoping she’s not about to play a prank and betray me. “There’s

a lot of part timers here. The hotel has a work assistance deal with

the university. Do you have a name?”


Gavin says. “She ran out on me before I could get it.”


God he didn’t get a good look at my name tag.


out on you?” Mindy says, a note of humor entering her voice.


heart pounds in my chest as I wait for his response. If he’s here

to find out my identity so he can report me to my asshole boss, I’m



hold in a groan as hear Gavin clear his throat. “Um, yeah, I bumped

into her in a vending machine room on the top floor,” he lies.


sweeps through me and I close my eyes in gratitude. Good, he’s not

here to find out who I am so he can report me and make a big deal out

of it. My eyes pop back open and go wide a second later as what he’s

really here for hits me.




really?” Mindy hums innocently, making me want to smack her upside

the head. She’s enjoying this a little too much. “How about you

tell me what she looks like?”


she’s about five eight or so, with rich brown hair and big,

beautiful brown eyes,” Gavin says, a slight catch in his voice.

“And a face that’s just . . . perfect.”


breath stills in my lungs as I listen to his description of me, and I

have to wonder if he’s talking about someone else. I’ve got plain

brown hair and there’s nothing special about my eyes.


I’m jealous. You’re making me wish I were this chick with the way

you’re talking about her,” Mindy jokes. “She sounds absolutely




gorgeous,” Gavin says, his voice heavy.


nearly choke, I’m so flattered. I wish

I looked like the girl he’s describing. I almost feel like he’s

lying, but it’s obvious he’s not. He came all the way down here

just to find me. I bite my lower lip, my heart racing. It’s just so

hard to believe.


taps a finger to her lips. “Hmm . . . now that I think about it, I

might know who you’re talking—” Mindy begins to say, but before

she can complete her sentence, I pinch her leg as hard as I can.

“OW!” Mindy squeals.


wrong?” Gavin asks as Mindy glances down at me, rubbing her thigh

while I shake my head, mouthing no,

no, no!


sudden sharp pain,” Mindy says smoothly as if nothing happened.

“You know, one of those annoying,

pesky things that just seems to stab you out of nowhere?”


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