❥ #NewRelease #Read & #Review ❥ Say Something by Jennifer L. Allen

Presents : New Release
Say Something
Jennifer L. Allen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Seeing my ex-husband four years after the ink dried on our divorce papers was not part of my plan. Returning to the small town where we’d grown up and fallen in love to rebuild my life at the exact time he’d chose to do the same thing wasn’t part of my plan either. It was, however, the reality.
Back in the place where it all began so many years ago, memories of our past, both good and bad, consumed me. I’d never stopped loving him, needing him, wanting him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, seeing him. Stolen moments told me he felt the same way.
But could he ever forgive me?
Could I ever forgive myself?
Infertility had torn our marriage apart, bit by excruciating bit. Was our love strong enough to put it back together?


Say SomethingSay Something by Jennifer L. Allen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say Something is the latest sensational read by Jennifer L. Allen it’s the kind of book that hits you straight in the heart!! It is a second chance read that will take you an emotional rollercoaster ride and leave you feeling raw. Jessica and Danny were high school sweethearts that went through something that cold easily break a couple or pull them closer, unfortunately for these two it tore them apart and left a big hole that they couldn’t fix. It’s true what they say – “Time heals all wounds” but only if you want it to……
It is a heartbreaking, beautiful real story. Jennifer L. Allen really hits home with the rawness and reality of this story

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Jennifer was born and raised on Long Island, in New York. She relocated to South Carolina in 2002, where she met the love of her life. They got married in 2008, and live happily ever after just outside of Charleston with their fur-kid: a spoiled rat terrier named Daisy. When she’s not reading or writing, she works as a behavioral therapist, and is also a graduate student, pursing a Master Degree in Psychology as well as a Graduate Certificate in Behavior Intervention in Autism. She knows amateur photography, traveling, and music … it’s a bonus when she can combine all three. Jennifer is also a breast cancer warrior, having been diagnosed in 2017 and declared cancer-free in 2018. She independently published her debut novel, Our Moon (JACT 1), in June 2015.


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